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Canadian-Zambian Nursing students

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  1. Unknown

    Dear UBCO Zambia Team,

    I have just spent an hour catching up with your posts after being down with pneumonia at this end – with all that Canadian health care had to offer to help me get better. It has been a sobering but also joyful and rewrding hour of reading. So many stories I am touched and moved by – so many life-changing experiences you have had. What you have learned and wtinessed about community, suffering, caring for each other, confronting the stark reaity of deep poverty and hard choices – and watching leadership in action. Nurse Precious takes the prize on that score, clearly – but all of you are learning leadership too, of that I am sure.

    I hope long after this blog ends, you are still revisiting each other’s stories and continuing to draw wisdom and courage from them – to use them to “hold your heads high” as nurses and lead in practice wherever you go.

    I also hope you are all feeling better – and we will be glad to welcome you all home soon!

    Keeping taking care of each other,


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