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Welcome to our new OkaZHI website


Aug 14


A Wordle using all the words generated at the June 21, 2014 OkaZHI retreat
A Wordle using all the words generated at the June 21, 2014 OkaZHI retreat

Welcome to our new OkaZHI website. Carol Jones and I will be the day to day managers of the site so if anyone (members and non-members) have interesting ideas, concepts or plans that you would like to share, send them to us and we will be able to post them without delay.

Also, on our new site, go to “Our Work” – scan down to “Key Reports” and click on the OkaZHI Retreat report, June 21, 2014. Here is the Theory of Change five-year narrative that was created: By 2019, the Okanagan Zambia Health Initiative (OkaZHI) will be firmly established in Mongu, Western Province, Zambia with a continual but rotating presence. OkaZHI will be recognized as a mature, adaptable, sustainably funded, education, research and evaluation orientated organization – demonstrating collaboration with Zambian, Canadian and International colleagues and institutions, – respecting and valuing the needs of Zambians as they advance their health care system. OkaZHI, using its inter-disciplinary model, will grow their initial programs of Nursing, Medicine, and Surgery, to embrace Paediatrics, Maternal and Neonatal Care, and Mental Health. OkaZHI will support the development of Zambian practices and curricula, facilitating “Train the Trainer” models of learning and leadership, allowing Western Province to become a Centre of Excellence. We intend to continue our partnership until Zambians are self-sustaining.

Our tasks ahead will focus on bringing this narrative to reality.

Bill Nelems -Executive Director  – billnelems@fastmail.fm 1-250-717-6088


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