OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative




Governance Linda Hawker – Chair
Strategic Planning Gary O’Connor – Chair
Finance Kevin Blackmore – Chair
Fundraising Bill Nelems & Carol Jones- Chair
Communications Bill Nelems & Carol Jones – Chair
Surgical Gary O’Connor – Chair
Medical Linda Hawker – Chair
Nursing Fay Karp – Chair
Monitoring & Evaluation Cameron Jones & Bill Nelems – Chair


Governance Mandate:

Governance in its widest sense refers to how an organization is run.  The Governance Committee is accountable for developing and maintaining consistent, cohesive policies, procedures and decision-making processes aimed at informing, directing, managing and monitoring the activities of OkaZHI toward the achievement of its objectives


Strategic Planning Mandate:

  1. Identifies short, medium and long term goals and strategies of OkaZHI to ensure coherent policies.
  2. Review of any committees’ initiatives, when recommended by the Board, to ensure adherence to the Strategic Plan objectives.
  3. Identify gaps and challenges to attaining goals in OkaZHI programs.


Finance and Fundraising Mandate:

The role of the Finance and Fundraising Committee pertains to the

  • Development and recommendation of an annual organizational budget to the Board of directors and general membership for their approval.  The organizational budget will be established by the finance and fundraising committee in response to requests from other committees and the general membership.
  • Provision of oversight re expenditures for
    • Unallocated donations: Should new money come in, which is not targeted to any particular initiative, the Committee will be part of the process of inviting proposals from membership and committees and make its own recommendations to the Board regarding how funds should be spent.
    • Targeted dollars: The committee will ensure compliance with agreed upon expenditures for all targeted donations or funds.

Development and implementation of the fundraising strategy in accordance with OkaZHI’s mission statement, objectives and Strategic Plan, including the oversight of grant proposal submissions, communications with donors and fundraising activities.


Communications Mandate:

The role of the Communications Committee pertains to the

  • Development and implementation of a regularly updated Communications strategy and all related policies (including but not limited to internal communications, communications with new members, and external or public relations)
  • Development, production and distribution of regular OkaZHI newsletter
  • Ensure website is regularly updated to reflect communications strategy and wishes of the OkaZHI general membership
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Directors and general membership about communications-related matters (website, press releases, communications events and/or strategies)


Surgical Mandate:

1.Identifies short, medium and long term goals and strategies for surgical contributions to OkaZHI consistent with the goals and objectives    of OkaZHI.

2.Plans, recruits, organize and deliver surgical programs.

3.Identify gaps and challanges to attaining goals and delivering programs.


MD Nonsurgical Mandate:

The MD Nonsurgical Subcommittee works together to further the aims of OkaZHI by:

1.Medical education capacity building of Zambian health workers on nonsurgical topics as identified by our Zambian counterparts.

2.Development and delivery to Zambia of appropriate curriculum for teaching modules to meet the above objectives.

3.Recruitment of appropriate team members for development and execution of these modules.

4.Reviewing and updating clinical modules as needed to meet the objectives and needs of the Zambian health workers.

5.Ongoing evaluation of our degree of success of increasing health care capacity in Zambia in a sustainable way.

6.To work in cooperation with the MD Surgical Subcommittee, the Nursing Subcommittee and our Zambian partners to develop multi-year goals and projects.


Nurses Supporting Nurses (NSN) Mandate:

The role of the NSN Committee is to support our Zambian Colleagues as they work to improve the standards of patient care within their country.   In doing this, we will collaborate with the Zambian nurses in curriculum design and development in pre and post registration programs, provide workshops on topics where there is no local resource available, and assist in training local facilities to assume full responsibility for their own programs.  We will facilitate and support the collaboration of UBCO, UNZA and OkaZHI.