OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative



We would like to thank all of our proud supporters, whose help in OkaZHI’s mission is deeply appreciated.


Dr. Dean Malish  Dean-Malish-300x198

Dr. Malish is a Canadian-trained Orthopedic surgeon with a special interest in trauma and strong supporter of the OkaZHI model of health professional education in Zambia. Through his generous donations over the years multiple site visits to teach surgical skills have been possible, as well as support for medical and nursing education programs. OkaZHI extends a special thanks to Dr. Malish in recognition of his outstanding support of our aim to increase health care capacity in Western Province, Zambia.

Gordon Geddes

Kelowna Orthopaedics

Andrea East – Lawyer

Many nurses, doctors, Allied Health Professionals and community members who have donated time, money and professional expertise




Bai Tong

Bai Tong is a Kelowna based Thai restaurant that has supported our work.

Calmsea Media

Calmsea Media

Calmsea Media is a web development agency and Google Partner focused on building tools to create audiences and raise funds for charities.


Fresh Air Experience



Zambikes’ mission is to not only build bikes, but to change lives. Zambikes is able to accomplish this through its training programs and the reinvestment of all year-end profits back into the company and surrounding community work.



Our mission is to help turn the global water crisis upside down through empowering consumers with compelling new choices that better fit both their active lifestyles and their ecological beliefs.


BC Thoracic Surgeons

The Thoracic Surgeons of BC’s mission: to provide Access to Quality Care.


Rotary Club of Kelowna Capri

The Rotary Club of Kelowna Capri has been proudly serving the needs of our community since 1968.


QHR Software

QHR Software Inc is a leading developer of Canadian healthcare management software. For over a decade, we have provided healthcare professionals with the software tools and support they need to better manage their organizations.


Thoracic Surgery – University of Calgary

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary has an innovative, patient-based, cross-disciplinary, research-intensive program that has earned a national and international reputation for excellence.


Kelowna Medical Society

Comprised of at least 250 doctors of various disciplines, the Kelowna Medical Society seeks to become the central gathering place of Kelowna physicians for both social and professional development events.


Kelowna Orthopaedics

As a group of highly trained orthopaedic specialists, Kelowna Orthopaedics strives to provide high quality orthopaedic care for the residents of the Central Interior.   Kelowna Orthopaedics has been a major supporter of OkaZHI since its inception.


Kelowna Cardiology Associates

Okanagan Health Surgical Centre:  As a fully accredited private surgical facility, Okanagan Surgical Centre provides quality ambulatory surgical services.