OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative

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Thanks for your interest in OkaZHI!

Annual Membership dues: $25 or $10 for students.

 To pay membership dues: pay-dues-online-secure

How do I become a member?

To become a member, please email: billnelems@fastmail.fm

  • Include name, phone number and email address
  • Please pay membership dues above


What do I get by becoming a part of OkaZHI?

By joining OkaZHI, you are becoming part of an inter-professional team. As a member, you are invited to attend regular planning meetings and provide input into OkaZHI strategies and projects. You will also be invited to the Annual General Meeting each year at which important updates and decisions are made for the upcoming year.


How involved must I be?pic_73

How involved you want to get, is up to you. The only requirement of members is that they pay an annual membership due.


I don’t live in the Okanagan – can I still become part of OkaZHI?

Yes! While most OkaZHI members live in the Okanagan, it is not a membership requirement. If you support the mission of the organization, you can join! If you want to be a more active member and attend regular planning meetings, you can also participate by telephone or Skype.


I don’t work in the healthcare sector – can I still become part of OkaZHI?

Yes! While most OkaZHI members either practice or teach in the health sector, the organization needs a wide range of volunteer skills, including but not limited to the areas of fundraising, communications, and non-profit management and administration. There is a great deal of behind the scenes work which goes on to facilitate our mission and contributions, experience and skills of each member are valued.