OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative

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There are many ways to learn and just as many ways to teach.  OkaZHI doctors and nurses have been offering education to Zambian health professionals in a variety of formats:  on-site lectures, hands-on workshops, small group sessions, bedside mentoring, and long distance group Skype sessions linking Canada and Zambia.  We reach out to Zambian nurses, doctors, clinical officers, medical licentiates, physiotherapists, and any other interested health care personnel working on the ground to transfer knowledge updates and skills training.

What we offer is multidisciplinary, practical and responsive to needs identified by  local Zambian health professionals.  It must be something that can be applied immediately using current local resources and be cost effective. Simple models to teach basic surgical and nursing procedure skills, posters, handbooks, access to online learning resources, USB keys loaded with data, and group discussions on Skype are all ways that we are striving to accomplish this knowledge transfer. As we teach, we also learn more about the many challenges our Zambian colleagues face in their daily work, and so our programs are constantly being reviewed and modified to better fit their needs.