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Medical Program


Medical Program

Medical – Primary Care Initiatives In Zambia

As part of a multidisciplinary group of health care professionals, the OkaZHI doctors who are general practitioners are focusing on offering education on primary health care issues that are high priority in the Western Province of Zambia. We teach both Zambian clinical officers and doctors , and actively seek their participation and feedback so that our teaching is always relevant and useful to them.
 There are two components to our approach:

  1. The first is to offer doctors and clinical officers lectures, workshops and bedside mentoring during yearly two week visits to Lewanika General Hospital (LGH) in Mongu. This has been in operation since 2010, covering such priorities as hypertension, diabetes, obstetrics, EKG interpretation and others.
  2. Skype Internet group video sessions  As an alternative and supplement to on‐site teaching of Zambian health professionals, in 2013 the OkaZHI Medical Committee doctors, with the support of Dr. Andrew Silumesii, began to explore the potential of teaching through face to face digital communication. By using an easily accessible and inexpensive portal such as Skype, the committee members created Power Point teaching modules based on high priority topics identified by the Clinical Officers (COs) at Lewanika General Hospital in Mongu. Once the topic is chosen and an OkaZHI doctor has volunteered to create and present the material, a Power Point set of slides is assembled and emailed to the Clinical Officers. At a prearranged time, OkaZHI doctors and Zambian Clinical Officers hold a group Skype call and review the slide material, with time for discussion and questions. As the COs are often the first line of assessment and treatment for patients presenting to the Outpatient and Casualty departments at Lewanika, it was felt that this group would benefit from teaching around primary care provider skills. As well, the forum allows interchange of information in both directions – the OkaZHI doctors also learn about the challenges faced by anyone working in the Outpatient/Casualty Departments. The primary source for curriculum in the teaching sessions is World Health Organization publications and teaching materials, though other reputable sources are also used where appropriate.

Skype teaching sessions to date:


October (pending): Trauma – the first 20 minutes

Management of Trauma – The First 20 Minutes Dr. Glynn Jones

June: Vaginal Bleeding in Outpatient Department

Vaginal Bleeding in the OPD – DG


March: Sepsis

PP – OkaZHI Sepsis Dr. Glynn Jones

May: Alcoholic Cirrhosis

PP – OkaZHI CIRRHOSIS Medical Complications of Alcohol Misuse. Dr. Glynn Jones

June: Adult Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Management of Adult Diabetic Ketoacidosis


March: Seizure/Epilepsy Part 1 – WHO – mhGAP Manual on Mental Health

April: Seizure/Epilepsy Part 2 – WHO – mhGAP Manual on Mental Health

May: Alcoholism Part 1 – WHO – mhGAP Manual on Mental Health

June: Alcoholism Part 2 – WHO – mhGAP Manual on Mental Health