OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative

Nursing Program

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Nursing Component

Canadian nurses, both those working within their Health Authorities and those affiliated with the University of British Columbia School of Nursing have made substantial contributions to the evolution of Nursing care in Western Province. 2014 will see the fifth annual rotation of Canadian nursing student electives spend time learning from and sharing their knowledge with their Zambian student counterparts. They role model interdisciplinary collaboration and they have participated in support of surgical and primary care teaching. They have been strong supporters of the Zambian desire to develop a ‘model ward’ approach to local health care innovation. The Paediatric ward has been chosen as the site for this to happen, planning continues. The nursing unit continues to pursue hypertension research. Our nurses have been strong advocates for on-ward charting, documentation, the ‘model ward’ concept and innovations in Paediatrics such as neonatal support.

The role of the NSN Committee is to support our Zambian Colleagues as they work to improve the standards of patient care within their country.   In doing this, our nurses  collaborate with the Zambian nurses in curriculum design and development in pre and post registration programs, provide workshops on topics where there is no local resource available, and assist in training local facilities to assume full responsibility for their own programs.  We will facilitate and support the collaboration of UBCO, UNZA and OkaZHI.

Our nurses have had substantial input in developing charting systems in Mongu, as well as development for neonatal support and Paediatrics.


New teams travel to Mongu every year; to get involved click the link below: