OkaZHI: Okanagan-Zambia Health Initiative

Surgical Program

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The surgical component of OkaZHI evolved from a request to assist in the support of surgical services for Western Province of Zambia. Our team consists of various subspecialty surgeons, with a prime focus of supporting our Zambian colleagues through education. We share the ideals of assisting the development of skills with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS). Our focus is to review basic surgical principles and skills to those providing these services in Western Province. We provide this support in collaboration with Primary Care physicians and Nursing, recognizing the importance of supporting the entire system of surgical patient management.
Our support takes the form of evaluation of the state of surgical management, followed by the provision of requested skills and principles. We teach in small focused groups with both lectures as well as providing the learners with hands on practice using models of locally acquired materials in a simulation lab. The goal is to provide our colleagues with improved understanding and skills to enhance the surgical outcomes for their patients.