Project Description


Empowering women and children

  • Neonatal resuscitation education and training

  • Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MOREOB) Program Education – a comprehensive performance improvement program that creates a culture of patient safety in obstetrical units

  • Collaboration between the central level institutions and facilities in Lusaka and Lewanika General Hospital, including; team learning and exchange through a peer-to-peer model, the potential sharing or pooling of materials (e.g. training curriculum).

  • Training on evidence based best practices and standards of care, and increasing resources and equipment to provide a more optimal environment for both care and learning

  • Expand model ward concept and training to maternity wards at Lewanika General Hospital, including neo-natal specific content for the ‘Special Care Baby Unit’

hands making a heart around a pregnant belluy

For the past 8 years OkaZHI has been working with the support of the leadership team at Lewanika General Hospital to strengthen staff and institutional capacity to improve care, using the concept of a “model ward” for the pediatric ward whereby best practices and standards are modeled and staff are mentored.

The concept of “the model ward” is not new. It has its origin in the notion that by focusing on one ‘model’ ward, embedded within a complex hospital system, improvements in the quality of care in one area will diffuse over time to the practice of care throughout. It has been successfully used within a variety of health systems, including low and middle-income country settings.

The pediatric model ward is a valuable component of a much broader health systems and capacity strengthening, of which the Zambia government has stated as key priorities. The evidence-based approach to learning, teaching and inter-professional collaboration has generated significant interest from many stakeholders from the standpoint of not only improving quality of care, but also with respect to nursing and medical education, human resources for health and strengthening of the Zambian health system.

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